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Learn More About the Best Mobile Boat Repair in Hollywood 

Searching for reliable mobile boat repair services in Hollywood?

Want marine professionals that do quick diagnostics and clean installations?

Need marine mechanics and electricians that finish the job on time within the quote they give you?

Yeah, we find a lot of boat owners spending a lot of time searching for the same thing.

Fortunately, quality boat repair and refreshingly professional services are our things. So today we thought we’d make your search easier by outlining a few of our most requested boat repair services.

Powerboat in Hollywood Florida

Onyx’s Hollywood Boat Repair Services 

First, in case you just found us, here’s an ultra-quick introduction: we are a team of marine specialists focused on delivering exceptional service to distinguished boat owners.  We service powerboats and sailboats up to 114’. 

Our experienced and talented team consists of marine electricians, marine diesel mechanics, marine outboard engine mechanics, trained technicians, Gelcoat specialists, fiberglass repair specialists, boat detailers, and many more.(Which means we can provide comprehensive boat maintenance and repair services for your entire boat–so much simpler for you.)

We do boat repair for the Hollywood area, plus our mobile mechanics and team also serve the Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami areas.

While we provide a wide range of professional boat maintenance and repair services, what we are really known for is our Elevated Experience commitment. That means all our services are designed around making boating easier for you. 


By hiring the best professionals, bringing our services to you, providing quick service, clear communication, and building extra services into our processes.  As an example, when we install a new piece of equipment on your boat, we follow up with a one-on-one session with you to go over how to use it on your boat.

But let’s jump into what you are looking for, this is a sample of our most requested boat repair services (in no particular order):

Fiberglass Repair in Hollywood Florida

# 1 Hull and Deck Repair

Boats get dings, scratches, and gouges.

If you are looking to get your boat looking original, our talented professionals do amazing Gelcoat and fiberglass repairs. We work with insurance claims for storm damage and boating accidents, or just taking care of everyday wear.

We also have skilled painters that can bring your topsides and hull back to life when the condition is beyond buffing and waxing.  From precise prep work to flawless finishing.

# 2 Boat Rewiring

Old wiring that has years of splices and modifications added, can become a messy hazard.  Our expert marine electricians take on full boat rewiring jobs.  We can upgrade your panel, run new wires, and make your electrical system sleek and efficient (and much safer).

We also take on other jobs like adding new switches, installing new electrical gear, and troubleshooting electrical problems.

Marine Navigation Equipment

# 3 Install Marine Electronics

Our professional marine electricians install all models of marine electronics and navigation equipment.  We install:

  • radars
  • GPS Chartplotters
  • Fishfinders
  • Autopilots
  • Marine Radios
  • Antennas
  • Wi-Fi domes and Boosters
  • AIS transceivers

Plus, we work with you for all your boat’s instrument interfacing so that your autopilot talks to your Chartplotter, and your AIS can overlay on your radar…

If you are purchasing new electronics, we can secure discount pricing.  But we are just as happy to help you install electronics you have bought yourself.

Part of our elevated experience that we like to provide is a one-on-one session with the boat owner to go over the operation of any new electronics we install.  We love seeing our customers feel confident in their boat handling skills.

# 4 Outboard Engine Maintenance

We service most outboard engine models, including Yamaha, Suzuki, and Mercury.

Common requests include lower unit servicing. 50/100/300-hour servicing, fuel filter changes, oil changes, sparkplug changes, impeller replacements, and propeller repair.  We can perform on-off repairs and services or perform regularly scheduled preventative maintenance to extend the life and efficiency of your outboards.

But we also service steering, trim and tilt, fuel, and electrical/starting systems.

# 5 Generator Installations

Adding or upgrading your vessel’s Genset can significantly increase the livability aboard.  Onyx handles most marine generator model installations, including Onan, Westerbeke, Northern Lights, and Kohler.

Plus, our expert mobile marine diesel mechanics repair and maintain existing setups–everything from filter changes to exhaust manifolds.

# 6 Battery Banks and Charging Systems

Again, having ample power onboard is a game-changer when away from the dock.

We install inverters, battery banks, battery chargers, and battery monitoring systems.  For existing systems, we can diagnose and upgrade poorly performing existing battery banks and charging systems so that you can get the most efficiency from your setup.

# 7 Marine Wi-Fi Domes and Boosters

Staying connected and through cellular, internet, or satellite while offshore is possible–and for some of our clients–critical.  Our mobile marine technicians can install marine-grade Wi-Fi domes, Wi-Fi boosters, satellite TV antennas, and other communication solutions on your vessel.

There are options for improving connectivity for situations–from inland cruising to offshore passage making.  We can help you navigate the options and installations.

# 8 Marine Diesel Repair

Diesels are tough machines, but they still need maintenance and repairs every now and then.  Onyx’s marine diesel mechanics come to your boat to troubleshoot starting problems, engine overheating problems, and performance issues.  Common repairs include valve adjustments, fouled filters and strainers, and belt replacements.

Our diesel mechanics service most marine models including Cummings, MTU, Yanmar, and Caterpillar.

# 9 Propeller and Shaft Repair

Propeller replacement and repitching can have dramatic impacts on the speed, efficiency, and smoothness of your boat’s performance.  Onyx helps boat owners with all their running gear needs including shafts and shaft log replacements.

# 10 Hydraulic Pump and Line Repair

Hydraulic systems are found on every part of the boat–from hydraulic steering systems to tender lifting cranes. We help boaters with new hydraulic system installations as well as repairs and maintenance.  

We can service the hydraulic pumps, fluid levels, lines, and fittings to keep your boat operating safely. 

# 11 Engine Alignments and Engine Mount Replacements

 Vibrations are often an early clue that your engine is out of alignment–or worse–an engine mount may need to be secured or replaced.  Fortunately, our mobile mechanics can reduce or eliminate the vibrations you feel with engine alignments or new engine mounts.  Our mechanics can come to your boat at your dock or many of the local Hollywood marinas and boatyards to make the repair simple.

Marine Yacht Lighting in the evening
Motor Yacht at Evening. Yachting / Luxury Sailing theme with Beautiful Sunset.

#12 Install Underwater Lights

Transform your night-time experience onboard with an underwater LED light system.  The lights attract sea life and create a mesmerizing ambiance onboard.  The placement, number of lights, and colors are fully customizable. 

In addition to underwater lights, we do interior and exterior lighting installations.  Define the mood, provide task lighting, or upgrade the efficiency and visibility of your navigation lighting.

# 13 Clean and Paint Engine Room

A spotless engine room is bragworthy.  Our technicians can help you create an engine room that you’ll want to show off–fully degreased, and freshly painted with chemical resistant paint.

#14 Marine Diesel Maintenance

Routine maintenance greatly extends the life expectancy and performance of marine diesels.  Our master diesel mechanics handle oil and fluid changes as well as take care of oil, filter, and air filters.  Inspection and replacement of any leaking hoses or fittings and checking belt tension and wear are all part of the routine maintenance checklists.

We’d like to be your Hollywood Boat Repair Specialists

This isn’t an exhaustive list of our services, so if you have questions about getting your boat repair done in Hollywood, please give us a call.  We’d love to get you a quick quote.