Instructional Captains:
Our Programs

Instructional Captains:
Our Programs

Onyx Instruction Captains Provide In-Depth Training

Electronics & Mechanics

Owning and operating a boat means understanding how sophisticated electronics and boat mechanics operate. Our captains will train you how to monitor your onboard systems, make minor repairs and adjustments, and keep your vessel ship shape.

Safe Docking

Your training will address preparing dock lines on your bow and stern and how to properly attach to fenders. You will learn how to line up your approach and survey the docking area. Our captains will teach you how to judge the current, wind, and water conditions that may affect your docking. They will teach you the proper pace and approach when approaching a dock. You will learn how to avoid dock impact damages to your boat.

Route Planning

Our captains will teach you the intricacies of marine route planning, which can be the difference between a joyful voyage and a frustrating one. Your training will identify roles and expectations for each crew member and a timeline for your voyage. How many nautical miles do you plan to cover each day? What will the weather be like along your route? Your captain will teach you how to avoid pitfalls with careful route planning.

Navigating Coastal & Intracoastal Waters

Thankfully, today’s electronic chart plotters and GPS systems have simplified this process. Should those systems fail, however, you will need to know to chart a course without technology. Our captains will teach you how to use this lifesaving backup system. For intracoastal journeys, your captain will teach you how to spot Aids to Navigation (ATON) along intracoastal waterways such as dayboards, buoys, and range markers that will guide the way.

Pre-Departure Reviews & Checklists

This training will include how to check the following: weather forecasts, the hull for cracks or other damage, the electrical system and that all lights are functioning, checking for any fuel leaks from the tank, fuel lines or carburetor, the propulsion and cooling systems, the oil filter, water filter, and spark plugs, hose connections, draining any water from the engine compartment, making sure you have sufficient fuel, checking the engine battery and fire extinguishers, required number of life jackets, safety equipment, first-aid kits, basic tools, spare parts, nautical charts, locations of any local hazards and more.

Extended Voyage Planning

Our captains will train boat owners how to plan for an extended voyage. The training will consider studying regional weather forecasts, wind speeds and directions, currents, waypoints, contingency plans, routes, and destination port logistics.

Night Navigation Planning

Onyx captains will teach you how to navigate when the sun goes down using tools such as GPS/chart plotters, detailed electronic cartography, advanced radar, thermal imaging, night-vision scopes, and spotlights. The U.S. Coast Guard has long-established light display standards for nighttime navigation. Our captains will teach you the art of navigation by instrumentation.

Onyx Training is delivered in 7-14 sessions in four and six hour classes for a total of 28-68 ‘On the Water’ hours.

An accelerated 10 day course is also available.