Permanent Placement

Permanent Placement

Placement Services for Your Boating Needs!

Crew Staffing

Crew staffing is one of the most important decisions a boat owner will ever make. When vessel owners seek a permanent captain and crew placement, Onyx on-demand has the right people. We vet, background check, and provide boat owners with solid candidates for permanent placement. You will get USCG-certified candidates with verified qualifications to staff your vessel. Let Onyx be your guide.

Rest Assure

Onyx clearly understands what is at stake when selecting a captain and crew. Yacht and other marine vessel owners want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your captain and crew are trained, qualified, and certified to pilot your vessel. Our captains have a minimum seven years’ experience on the water.


You should sail with the calming assurance that when storms threaten, your captain and crew can guide you and your guests to safe harbor. At Onyx, peace of mind is part of the package we offer to our clients.

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