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Marine Generators

Full-service mobile marine repair and maintenance combined with stellar service.

Nothing transforms your life aboard like adding or upgrading the power source of your vessel.  From lights and galley equipment to A/C systems, having unlimited power away from the dock is a game-changer.


Whether you are installing a new marine generator, need a repair, or are looking to extend the life of your current generator with routine maintenance services, Onyx has skilled marine mechanics ready to come to your boat, marina, or boatyard.


We service most marine generator models such as Onan, Kohler, Northern Lights, and Westerbeke.

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Marine Generator Installation

Modern marine generators are smaller and quieter, making them easier to retrofit into the tightest of spots.  Our skilled marine mechanics handle everything from the mounting, exhaust system, electrical and control panels, and wiring for an exceptional installation.


Plus, part of our elevated services includes an onsite installation follow-up to ask any additional questions you have once you have had a chance to use your new Genset.

Generator Repairs & Diagnostics

Running, but not running perfectly?

Unsettling vibrations can be a sign of a loose or damaged motor mount.  Drips or splatters seen in your bilge can be a sign of fuel, water, or oil leaks.


Ignoring symptoms can lead to shortened life expectancy and high repair bills later.



Blockages in the seawater intake from grasses or even plastic trash can cause your generator to overheat—as can water pumps, exhaust manifolds, or heat exchangers that need service.


Quickly diagnose the source of your problems and get professional repairs done right the first time with our experienced marine mechanics.


Voltage Irregularities?

If your generator is not producing power, there could be many reasons—wiring, windings, regulators, brushes, loss of residual magnetism…. But an experienced mechanic will know where to start and how to repair the problem efficiently.

Maintenance & Preventative Services

Oil and Filter Changes

Routine oil changes and clean fuel, oil, and air filters are essential to getting premium performance from your generator. Our mobile fleet of mechanics take routine maintenance off your to-do list.


Belts and Tension

Inspecting belts for wear and improper tension can prevent unnecessary wear and avoid an unexpected interruption to your power. Checking the belts is included in our preventative services.


Valve adjustments and More

Your generator needs more in-depth preventive care at specified intervals such as valve adjustments, heat exchanger flushing, and inspection of all wiring and alarms.


Our mobile marine mechanics come to you to perform a comprehensive checklist of services as needed. In addition, you will receive a full report of what we did, any recommendations, and photographs of what we inspected.

With advanced—and ongoing—training, Onyx’s team of marine mechanics have the skill, know-how, and understanding to ensure your marine generator continues to run at its best for years.

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