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Marine Mechanical Systems

Keep your whole vessel running like new with our highly skilled marine mechanics and extensive services.

We provide installation, repair, and maintenance services for diesel engines, marine generators, and outboard motors.
But we also service all your mechanical systems onboard.

We provide a full-service approach to all your marine mechanical service needs. Simplify your boat maintenance. Our expert marine mechanics provide quality services for all the systems on your boat, so you spend more time boating.

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Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems are found in vessels from bow to stern—from anchor-windlasses to dinghy-lift platforms. Whether you are installing a new system, need a repair, or want to keep your boat performing flawlessly with preventative maintenance, Onyx has experienced marine technicians able to come to your boat or marina.


A few of the hydraulic systems we work on:

  • Fin stabilizers
  • Dinghy lifts
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Hydraulic fittings and lines
  • Windlasses, winches, hatch doors
  • Maintenance of hydraulic fluids and pumps

Fuel Systems

Properly designed and maintained fuel systems, for inboard or outboard motors, are at the core of a reliable vessel.


Fuel tanks themselves can suffer from corrosion or leaks, but more commonly it’s the fittings, fuel lines, and filters that require attention. Symptoms of your engine not consistently getting the fuel it needs includes cutting out at idyl, dying when you give it throttle, inconsistent rpms, or not starting.


You can depend on our experienced mechanics quickly diagnosing the source of the fuel problem and repair it right the first time.


Some of our fuel system services include:

  • Inspection or replacement of fuel lines
  • Repair or changing of fuel pumps
  • Changing fuel filters
  • Servicing fuel and water separators
  • Installing or repairing gauges, sensors & senders

Steering Systems

Whether you have a center-console fishing boat with triple outboards, a sportfish with twin diesels, or a single propulsion monohull, your steering system must perform faultlessly. Tension, friction, binding, play in the wheel, and slow response times—all affect your safety onboard.


Our master marine technicians can diagnose and repair your existing steering system. We also perform routine maintenance inspections to prevent problems, extend the life of your boat’s steering systems, and give you peace of mind.


We service all steering system types:

  • Steering system troubleshooting and repairs
  • New steering system installation
  • Hydraulic leaks, air in the line, contaminated oil
  • Hydraulic power assist pumps
  • Power steering systems
  • Steering cable and fitting replacements

Running Gear

Your running gear—all the critical external gear below the waterline—plays a tremendous part in the safety, efficiency, and performance of your yacht. From shaft and propellor replacements to installing a new dripless cutlass bearing, our experienced marine technicians will have your running gear performing smoothly with minimal yard time.


Some of our marine mechanical services include:

  • Shaft replacement or repair
  • Shaft log replacement or repair
  • Engine alignments
  • Shaft seals / cutlass bearing replacement
  • Propellor repair, re-pitching, replacement
Your vessel is unique. Its assortment of systems from simple to complex, must operate reliably and efficiently for you to have the most confidence in your boat. Achieve the worry-free days on the water you are looking for with our top-of-the-line marine mechanics, comprehensive services, and our exceptional marine mechanical services care.

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