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Owners of yachts and other vessels understand the time-tested concepts of service and quality.

At Onyx, we are committed to providing top notch services for all your marine needs!


Entertainment    |    Lighting    |    Core Electrical

Monitoring    |    Navigation & Communication

Alarms    |    Surveillance Systems

Entertainment    |    Lighting

Core Electrical    |    Monitoring

Navigation & Communication

Alarms    |    Surveillance Systems

Multi-Department Projects

Electrical    |    Mechanical    |    Paint    |    Fiberglass    

Upholstery    |    Teak    |    Carpentry    |    Refit & Refurbish

Electrical    |    Mechanical    |    Paint

Fiberglass    |    Upholstery    |    Teak

Carpentry    |    Refit & Refurbish

Paint & Fiberglass

Marine Paint    |    Gel Coat    |    Bottom Paint

Running Gear – Prop Speed    |    Zincs

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