Minimum Federal Requirements - Pre Departure Checklist


Yacht Docking

Before departure, always be sure your vessel is in good working condition and properly equipped for emergencies. Avoid the inconvenience and potential danger by taking a few minutes to check the following:

  • State Registration Documentation
  • State Numbering Displayed
  • Certificate of Documentation
  • Life Jackets (PFD) – One for each person
  • Throwable PFD
  • Visual Distress Signal
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Proper Ventilation
  • Backfire Flame Arrestor
  • Sound Producing Device/s
  • Navigation Lights
  • Oil Pollution Placard
  • Marine Sanitation Device
  • Navigation Rules

The Captain would not be able to start the voyage without making sure that all of the above are present and in good condition.